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Nature’s Dream Catcher”  #9214

Bee on Carolina Spicebush  #6482

Bee on Carolina Spicebush  #6482

Spider with Bug  #7561

Spider with Bug  #7561


Payment can be made by PayPal, credit card or check (requires bank clearance).

Please contact me to process your order so we can discuss your choice of size, matte, etc. or 828-361-0988 9AM-7PM (EST). 


All photographs shown on these pages are in low resolution and may not be copied without permission. Your purchased photos will be in high resolution, printed on premium photographic paper with high quality ink.  Matte colors and frames shown are for illustration only; purchased photos will be tastefully matched to mattes and frames. If framing is desired please call for pricing.


Grasshopper on Mushroom  #7510

Grasshopper on Mushroom  #7510